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Yang Chen Fu Brush Knee
Yang Chen Fu Brush Knee
Hi there. If we haven't met, my name is Eric Borreson. I am a tai chi teacher, writer, and blogger (in my spare time). I also have one of those things called a job that keeps me away from what I want to be doing.

I decided that a post like this was long-overdue, since many of the readers of the blog are pretty new. As I write this, I have written over 200 articles for this blog. It can be a little confusing trying to find something.

Here are a few tips:

Top 10 Articles All Time:
1: The 13 Elemental Postures of Tai Chi 
2: What I Wish I Had Known at the Beginning
3: Silk Reeling (Spiral Force) in Tai Chi: Part 1 of 3 – Role of the Dan Tien
4: Tai Chi Warmup Exercises 
5: Radiant Lotus Qigong
6: Chen – Sinking the Qi to the Dan Tien
7: Ignore the Noise
8: Zhan Zhuang (Standing Post) in Tai Chi Training
9: Leg Strength and Balance in Tai Chi
10: TaiChi – Stages of Development

Articles for Beginners:  
1: Who's in Charge of Your Tai Chi?
2: What I Wish I Had Known at the Beginning
3: Moving Slowly in Tai Chi
4: A Simple Tai Chi Technique to Calm the Mind 
5: Agility in Tai Chi 
6: Heng– Perseverance
7: The Bamboo Story - Perseverance and Plateaus
8: The Art of Tai Chi (Watch his eyes to see his intention.)
9: Three Ways That Tai Chi is Not Just a Fitness Program 
10: The Commencement Form in Tai Chi

Articles for Beginning Teachers:
5: A Simple Exercise for Song (Relax and Loosen)
7: Tai Chi in the West

© 2014  by Eric Borreson

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