Friday, February 1, 2013

Radiant Lotus Qigong

A friend, Linda Ebeling, recently attended a qigong workshop with Daisy Lee. Here is Linda's story.
The Lotus flower grows in murky waters, twisting and turning its way between obstacles to rise to the surface and bloom. As women, we often face similar challenges in our lives and health. Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong (RLWQ) is an empowering self-care program designed to help women attain optimum, radiant health. Stress, both emotional and hormonal, may cause imbalances that can lead to illness and disease. Many women have a tendency to retain emotional energy in the breasts and reproductive organs, areas that, ironically, nurture others. RLWQ works to release blocked energy from the body, balance hormones, boost immunity, and manage stress.
Daisy Lee, an internationally renowned qigong teacher, developed this unique program from knowledge passed down to her from her Chinese and Tibetan master teachers. While there are thousands of forms of qigong, very few are designed for women. Daisy Lee created RLWQ to help women take control of their health and gain a sense of empowerment. The program goes beyond physical health to help release old emotional patterns, overcome challenges of the past, and cultivate inner balance.
RLWQ can benefit women from the onset of menstruation and on into the wisdom years. It can help to prevent and address numerous health issues such as PMS and menstrual issues, reproductive disorders, menopausal symptoms, and breast health.
There are three main elements of the program. Shaking and Cupping (gentle tapping with the hands) helps to release blocked energy and detoxify, working through the whole body, but with emphasis on the breasts and reproductive organs. Self massage improves circulation to the face, breasts, reproductive center, legs and lymph nodes, while working to dissolve stagnation and blockages. Vibrational Sound Healing exercises from Tibet encourage the break up of blocked energy, improve lymph movement; help regulate hormones, and may aid in breaking up tumors. Additional graceful, flowing movements help to release old emotional patterns, overcoming challenges of the past, bringing inner balance and embracing our creative selves.
To find out more about Daisy Lee and Radiant Women’s Lotus Qigong go to Radiant Lotus Qigong.

To find our more about Linda's teaching schedule, go to Linda's home page at Crane Tiger Tai Chi.

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