Saturday, February 15, 2014

Three Simple Rules for Beginning a Tai Chi Life

Does it seem too complicated to learn tai chi with all those movements happening? One arm going one way and the other arm going another way, stepping somewhere else, all at once. It's not hard. There are three simple rules you should know as you begin a tai chi life.

1) Stop Worrying. Worry doesn't do any good, so let it go. When you worry, you can't calm down. When you can't calm down, you can't relax. When you can't relax, you can't do tai chi.

2) Don't think about too many things. You can't improve if you don't focus. Focus on one thing and let everything else go.

3) Enjoy your practice. You have to enjoy it to want to make the time for tai chi in your life. Think about how good it makes you feel after practice. Think about how you get mentally refreshed from your practice. Have fun with it.

That's enough to get you off to a great start.

© 2014 Eric Borreson

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