Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tai Chi Can Make You Rich

I obviously don't mean money. I don't know of anyone that became wealthy because of tai chi. I mean rich in things that really matter.

Felix Dennis is a British poet and entrepreneur. He founded a publishing empire and became wealthy. He recently wrote a book titled, How to Get Rich. In it, he asks the question, How Rich is Rich? He makes the point that money can't buy happiness, at least once you are above a certain modest income level. (Lack of money can cause unhappiness, but that's another story.)

He does say there are four things that are worth caring about. These things are health, love, time, and freedom. By freedom, he means having the option of not having to be in any particular place on any particular day doing any particular thing in order to pay the rent or the mortgage.

You can read this section of the book at Amazon. Scroll down several pages and look at Page 2.

Let's talk about these 4 things and how tai chi can help you with them.
1. Health: I have written many times about tai chi for health. Tai chi has been shown to help with many chronic health conditions. Practice, practice, practice.

2. Love: Tai chi helps you accept yourself. That's the first step in learning to love other people and accepting their love in return. Notice that love has nothing to do with possessing things and attachment. It's about people.

3. Time: Practice tai chi regularly. You will develop better energy and strength. This will allow you to have the energy to do more that you would be able to do if you lived in the recliner. A few minutes of tai chi each day means hours more time each day doing the things you want to do.

4. Freedom: Nope, you've still got the rent or mortgage. However, life is so much easier when you feel good. You make better decisions and your work is better and more enjoyable. It will seem easier to go to work every day and work will just seem more free.

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