Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lead a Horse to Water

I have not had a local teacher for most of my tai chi life. I have had to travel to workshops to learn my tai chi. Lessons were few and far between. I was taught the basic techniques and it was completely up to me to correctly practice the techniques to acquire the needed skills until I was able to see my teacher again.

If you are able to attend a weekly class with a good teacher, you are really lucky. Practice daily and ask lots of questions. Don't be one of those students that only practices during class. You may get some benefit of practicing for a few moments once a week. However, tai chi provides so much more for those who practice regularly.

You must practice tai chi daily to gain the benefits of tai chi. Perseverance is what truly makes a difference. Your teacher can provide structure and direction. You must do the work. A teacher can't do that for you.

© 2012 Eric Borreson

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