Sunday, August 1, 2010

Conscious-Walking Exercise

I generally prefer to give you my own work in this blog. There is not much value in just providing a quote to you. In this case though, I came across an article that I wanted to share. This exercise teaches you to be aware of the moment and to pay attention what your body is telling you.

Master Wasentha Young of the Peaceful Dragon School

Find a safe environment to walk. As you begin this Conscious-Walking exercise, in silence, stand and allow each breath to bring you into the moment, sensing your mind, your body, and how you are feeling. When you get the impulse to move, start the walking journey. Remain mindful of your body's movement as you walk down the street, on a nature path, or around in a room. Be aware of your feet placement on the ground, your legs supporting your body, and your arms gently swinging. You may also notice the emotions that arise and the thoughts going on in your mind as you stay aware of your breath. You are now doing Conscious-Walking, a type of walking meditation.

Now allow your senses to expand and begin to notice your environment: your eyes seeing the colors and shapes, your nose smelling the scents, and your body maybe feeling the wind. If you are walking through a neighborhood, see the squirrels, cats, dogs, and people gardening or doing home-based chores. If you are walking on a nature trail, see the trees, leaves, and rocks; hear the birds, or even a fly. Check in with how you feel and your emotions as you let your senses grow.

Before ending your Conscious Walking, allow yourself to revisit what your body feels like. What are you thinking? Reflect on your experience and feelings associated with what you saw, heard, smelled, and sensed in your environment. Do you feel a change in your state of mind from when you started? This dialogue between your mind, body, emotions and your environment can be very useful in developing an awareness of your relationship with the world around you.

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