Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I just wanted to thank all my readers for their help as this blog reached some recent milestones.

As of last week, I just passed 50,000 page views all time. I have written 160 articles for the blog. In addition, there are 3 guest articles written by others.Thank you for all your help in reaching these milestones. Please continue to read and share. I really do appreciate it.

The top articles of all time are:
The 13 Elemental Postures of Tai Chi 
What I Wish I Had Known at the Beginning
Tai Chi Warmup Exercises
Silk Reeling in Tai Chi - The Role of the Dan Tien

Here are two articles that didn't get many readers the first time around. I think they are worth a few minutes of your time.
Integrating Mind and Body with Tai Chi
Three Ways Tai Chi is Not Just a Fitness Program

Readers come from 128 countries around the world. The top places include:
USA  60%
UK   8%
Canada 4%
Germany 2%
Australia 2%
All others 24%

If you are interested in submitting an article for this blog, please let me know. We can discuss content and my editorial policy. Contact me at

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