Friday, February 22, 2013

Ba Duan Jin (Summary)

Ba Duan Jin is a traditional qigong routine with hundreds of variations. It is variously translated as Eight Silken Brocades, Eight Pieces of Silk Brocades, Eight Section Brocade, Eight Silken Exercises, Eight Fine Exercises, or many other names.

I recently wrote detailed instructions on all the forms of the routine. Let me repeat what I wrote in each article. Qigong is all about body, mind, and breath. These exercises contain specific movements that are synchronized with the breath while the mind follows the movements. The exercises are intended to help develop mental focus and to help you learn calm, peaceful movements.

Some of you have dutifully practiced the movements. Now I have to tell you the truth. The exact movements are not that important. Yes, it's better to be moving than stretched out in the Lazy Boy. Yes, these movements have specific benefits. However, ...

Qigong is not the movements. It is the combination of body (movement), mind (focus), and breath (in time with the movement). Move the body according to the descriptions. Follow the activity or breath with your mind. Let your mind calm down and let the qi energy flow. Synchronize your breath with the movement. Breathe gently and naturally, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Then stand or sit calmly and meditate for about 5 minutes. Do this every day to help your body and mind become stronger and healthier. That's qigong.

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