Saturday, April 12, 2014

What Happens When You Practice in the Wrong Place?

I usually practice my tai chi in the same space at home. I always face the same direction. I recently learned that this practice places limits on my practice.
One day recently I faced the opposite direction to start my forms. Sometime during the forms practice, I lost track of where I was. I stopped and tried to figure out where I was and how I had gotten there. It took a little time, but I finally figured out that I had made a wrong move somewhere along the line and ended up facing the wrong direction.  
Tai chi sets often contain the same forms repeated several times but they move through those forms into something different. Somehow my mind had realized that I was facing the "wrong" way. I ended up moving into the wrong form after one of the repetitions so that I was facing the "right" way.
Maybe I need to change things up more often. How do you deal with this?
© 2014  by Eric Borreson

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