Saturday, March 1, 2014

LinkedIn Endorsements?

Like many people, I have a LinkedIn account. I don't use it much, but I would like to hear from people that use LinkedIn Endorsements. What is the purpose here? I know what LinkedIn says, but what they say doesn't seem to match reality. I have been endorsed for many skills I don't have by people that don't even know me.

Strength training? I don't do that. Anyone that has ever seen my non-bulging biceps would realize that I have no skills here and can't possibly help people with this.

Reiki? No experience with this.

Nutritional counseling? My advice is simple: Don't eat any food that is advertised in a TV commercial. Beyond that, I can't help you.

Yoga? I took a few classes about 5 years ago. Does that mean I should be endorsed for this?

Operant conditioning? I don't even know what that means. Why did 2 people endorse me for this skill?

What is going on here? Does anyone use these endorsements to make decisions about people? I can't figure out any useful purpose to this.

Help me out. Put something in the comments.

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