Saturday, February 1, 2014

It Takes Time -- The Hand Pump

Tai chi is not a 30-day medical cure. I often tell students that it takes time for changes from tai chi to
Hand Pump
Hand Pump
express themselves in our bodies. It typically takes 8 to 12 weeks of practice for changes to become noticeable. New students often have unrealistic expectations about what to expect from tai chi.

I've been searching for an analogy to help explain this. We need to reach way back for this one. Younger students may not recognize this one, but most of the older ones will. Tai chi is like one of those old-fashioned hand-operated water pumps. It takes many strokes of the handle before the water starts flowing. If you give up too soon, you don't get any water.

Tai chi works much the same way in the beginning. There are simple benefits, like calmness and relaxation, that appear fairly quickly. The long-term sustainable improvements take longer to achieve. Tai chi takes commitment to practice. The results are so worth it.

"It Takes Time" should be a mantra for all new students.

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