Friday, July 5, 2013

Thoughts about Independence

It is our Independence Day holiday in the United States. I just don't have time to write much this week, so this will be short. First, I have a couple of thoughts on the holiday. Then I will follow with a recycled article that I think you should read.

Independence Day represents our independence as a nation. That's important. The United States has its faults. No country is perfect. In many ways, the United States also represents the best of what can be accomplished when many people work together to accomplish a goal.

I want to talk "working together" a little bit this week. Many people are familiar with Dr. Paul Lam and the Tai Chi for Health Institute. This is a nonprofit organization formed to provide leadership to the Tai Chi for Health programs that he has been working on for the last 15 years or so.

There is a related organization that is becoming more important. It is called the Tai Chi for Health Community ( This is an organization of volunteers working together to bring us information about tai chi and help us become better teachers (among many other things).

I am honored to have been asked to help this wonderful group of people. We have a new Facebook page ( I encourage you to "Like" this page. There will be much more information coming out in the next few months. I think we will be bringing lots of valuable information.

Next, I would like to recycle an old article from 2011. I don't think enough people read it at that time and I would like to encourage people to read it now.

The meaning of independence depends on the context. When a teacher understands the concept of proprioception, the teacher can use that to explain how tai chi can help their students achieve personal independence. I would like all tai teachers to think about how they can improve lives by helping people. Tai chi can help people get stronger, improve their balance, and improve their functional ability so they can continue to live independently into old age.

Here is a preview of the article. Follow the link at the end to go to the entire article.

Tai chi is a great exercise to improve proprioception and kinesthetic sense. What does that mean? Read on. During movement of any kind, we are constantly losing our balance and regaining it quickly. The better our ability to regain balance, the safer and more skillful our movement. Better balance makes athletes less likely to get injured and reduces falls among the elderly. Balance is improved by improving your proprioception and kinesthetic sense.

Read the entire article here.
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