Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tips for Improving Stress Management

Our modern lives are filled with stress. Stress is always there and it is not going to go away. Stress can cause us to behave impulsively in ways that we do not desire. We need to find ways to deal with stress in ways that that we can be happy with. The following is a summary of an article from YMAA Newsletter #82. (

Using Daoist WisdomAn excerpt from Aihan Kuhn’s book Tai Chi for Depression.
by Aihan Kuhn

People live different life styles; have different cultures, different occupations, and different personalities. We are all different, but we can also be happy with who we are, what we have, and with whom we deal.

1. Avoid flying off the handle.When a person is upset or angry, seeking temporary distance can give this person time to quiet their mind.

2. Take time to think over your situation.Before you speak out, or blame others, ask yourself “what can I do to change this situation?”

3. The art of communicationYou need to speak in a peaceful way. Sometimes it makes miracles.

4. Try to appreciate the fact that people are different.Different perspectives and ways of reacting do not necessarily mean that one person is right and another is wrong.

5. Avoid being over sensitive.If someone is unfriendly one day, it does not mean he or she doesn’t like you any more. It only means he or she has some problems at that time.

6. Do recognize each person is responsible for her or his own behavior.You cannot change people unless they are willing to change themselves.

7. Good things take time.Don’t get discouraged if you fail several times as you try to put theory into practice.

8. Don’t always expect a positive response. Be prepared for a negative answer.Being prepared for the worst situation is always wise.

9. Focus on the present.We have too many distractions in our lives. It seems like the more you have, the more stress you have too.

10. Appreciate a good night’s sleep.A good night’s sleep can restore your energy and help you to let go of the things that happened yesterday.

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